Разница между бокалами для белого и красного вина от Bohemia Crystal?

В чем разница между бокалами для белого и красного вина?

Wine is a noble and elegant drink. They are drunk on the occasion of toasts and special occasions, but they are also a great addition to highlight the taste of dishes. Some bottles of wine are overwhelming. However, the method and temperature of its intake differ depending on whether the wine will be served — white or red. Below we will show you which glasses should be used for different varieties of this drink.

Why is the right choice of wine glasses so important?

Wine is a drink that has forever entered modern culture. Drinking it has a long tradition and gourmets celebrate the opening of every bottle. Which glass to choose on the site https://aleks-crystal.com/glasses-of-brandy/  or any other fault is determined by customs. Using the correct glass is a sign of good manners and knowledge of table setting.

However, there are more complex reasons behind the nuances of serving wine in the right glasses. Such a glass, and especially its shape, has a tremendous effect on the taste of the drink. It allows him to breathe, which directly translates into an even more intense and deeper aroma.

How to choose a glass to match your wine?

The main criterion to consider when serving wine is its color. Serving the drink in the wrong glass will negatively affect its flavor.

White wine should be served in lower glasses, which are characterized by a thin head. This will keep it at a lower temperature for longer, which will guarantee the depth of its aroma.

When choosing red wine, glasses should be chosen depending on whether it is a light or heavy variety served. In the first case, you need to use a glass with a slightly bulky cup. However, heavier wine should be served in a glass with a decidedly wider bowl. Thanks to this, the smell of alcohol that stands out is practically not felt, and the drink acquires a more subtle, subtle taste. These glasses should also be taller than white wine glasses.

However, this does not mean that all wine glasses should look the same. They are distinguished by their original form and modern design. It should also be remembered that glass is the decoration of any table, so it is worth stopping at elegantly decorated glasses.

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